AfrikaBurn 2015

AfrikaBurn is a visual feast with artists and burners alike use their imagination and creativity to create extra-ordinary pieces of art, whether it is worn or installed on the Playa.

This is a celebration of the artists’ creations and burners that caught my eye at  AfrikaBurn 2015

DSC02534 abracadabra DSC02604 man and balloon copy DSC02736Dots DSC02740 Army Dudes DSC02752 flare DSC02838 Charles DSC03170 Clan Burn DSC03369 metamorphasis burn DSC03499 spinner    DSC03670 Cubes M74A8517 tutu M74A8536 girl with sun and light M74A8601 Claire M74A8706 woman in white M74A8742eyes M74A8954 smoker M74A9108 M74A9154Kimbrulee N02A0005 2 on bench N02A0009 girl with hat N02A0093 chequered pants N02A0190 Abracadabra N02A0272stilts N02A0304 Sillouette kiss N02A8708 boots N02A8740 girl with butterflies in her hair N02A8854 priest N02A8946 baloonman N02A8961 stand there and watch me burn N02A8980 Clan N02A9053 Clan N02A9066 Metamorphysis N02A9081 grass and dagger N02A9134 boy in shadow N02A9154 Nothing N02A9171 balloons N02A9182 Subterrafuge N02A9196 black hat N02A9207 nomad N02A9344riodon N02A9365 Flower Woman N02A9382Red suit N02A9389feathers N02A9413 yellow feather N02A9441 Joy N02A9470 N02A9477 joy N02A9552 Leonie N02A9586 Harold N02A9647 Wedding Dress N02A9662 boy girl tattoo N02A9665 spanking N02A9683Girl on Carpet N02A9699 Caryn and Callan N02A9714 Biker copy N02A9746 boom boom N02A9875 Subterrafuge - after the burn N02A9937 Kunna N02A9940 questionable pose N02A9957 boy with hair N02A9962 joker N02A9972couple N02A9992 KimBrulee N02A9995 1 girl 2 boys

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