AfrikaBurn 2014 – Gifting

A core tenet of AfrikaBurn is that there is no money to be exchanged during the event. Things (of all kinds) are ‘gifted’. My gift comes a bit after the fact through pics that I could take and then share with those who gave me a gift of allowing me  to photograph them.

These are my gifts – hopefully people would have kept the directions to here..


10 thoughts on “AfrikaBurn 2014 – Gifting

  1. Reblogged this on Catching clouds and commented:
    I am still busy gearing up for a post of my own about the Burn, but for now some beautiful images to enjoy. Elisabet and I feature in the first and second row. What a magical sunset swining in the desert with an open happy heart

  2. Wow! Thanks so much Michael. What an awesome idea and so happy I managed to hang on to my QR code 😉 Truly beautiful shots here…

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