don’t judge a book by its cover

or rather, don’t judge people by what is written on their walls.

our company participates in ‘habitat for humanity’ which supports less privileged communities by building houses. this is done over the course of a week where the shell is built and then the finishing happen in subsequent weeks. a neighbour of a lady whose house was being built had a fruit store. it caught my attention because of the grafitti on the wall.

subsequent to my initial interest a boy and a girl peeping from behind the counter prompted me to ask their mom if I could photograph them. she readily agreed and after some shyness passed they allowed me to capture them.

the most wonderful kids, later venturing out to play and having their faces painted by some of my colleagues who have a knack for kids.

maybe veering back to the title of of this blog – i was intrigued by the graffiti, wondering if it was of the owner or whether the wall served the purpose for others with a particular view on life. the issue is, without sufficient context, very little can be derived from words even less so, judgement. yet, words are powerful, bound to create some kind of reaction.

One thought on “don’t judge a book by its cover

  1. the kids are beautiful – and in this image, black is powerful and beautiful
    strikes me how their arms hide their smiles and how this accentuates the expression in their eyes
    wonder if it was a special natural moment captured, or if you asked them to arrange themselves?

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