early morning outing

i was interested in photographing a wreck of a couple of years in Blouberg – line of sight from cape town. light was interesting, but not that interesting and a bank of clouds hid table mountain. so i missed the opportunity to use this landmark as a backdrop.

i have never found a surfer strolling to the sea, they are always running, or at least walking at pace, looking with expectation towards the sea – as if not to miss the perfect wave…

only to drag themselves out, catch breath, turn around and to look for what was missed.


paddle surfer

probably the same can be said for a reasonably new phenomenon – for me at least. stand up paddle boards provided a hint of interest against the rigidness of the wreck – the blurry bit in the photograph of the wreck – shutter was open for 20 seconds to smooth the sea.

met a couple enjoying an early morning stroll with their dog. with frisbee in hand the owner delighted the dog with a game of fetch. when the playing was done, it was clear why a dog is called ‘man’s best friend’

3 thoughts on “early morning outing

  1. i like the irony of the stand up paddle boarding picture –
    she is standing-up, holding a paddle and at her feet, her board waits … so she is doing just that, and yet,
    she isn’t quite yet

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