what it takes to follow your passion

In a world where poverty competes with corruption for tax-payer and gambler (lotto’s) money there are innocent victims caught in the cross-fire. And both the now-wealthy and those who will eventually drag themselves out of the claws of poverty stand to lose.

I followed Cape Town City Ballet through their rehearsals of Giselle. A small group of passionate and highly committed dancers, directors and support staff doing what it takes to create a production worthy of standing ovations.

Worthy of admiration.

To reach the level of mastery required to dance at this level, dancers need more than 10 years of training.

To be able to deliver productions, requires full time commitment.

Performing arts by its nature are very often dependent on some kind of funding. South Africa supported ballet through government funding and later indicated an intention to support it through proceeds of lotto. All this requires funding which from a public funding perspective has all but dried up.

Costumes used and re-used, designed to work for productions such as Swan Lake and others.

The set used for the production doubles and tripples and quadruples up for re-use with parts of it dating from 1974.

The company is held in place by turning coins, working hard and having passion to fill the substantial cracks in income and paying the bills.

Walking from a dress rehearsal I was filled with a sense of angst. Even through a lens, focusing on getting the timing right, framing the composition and making sure enough light hits the sensor, I was filled with a sense of loss should it be the case that passion, dedication and  very little funding could not carry this company. What would a future look like where they would not be able to apply their art.

Imagine our world where the poor have managed to claw themselves from poverty, where they are able think of things other than survival – would they be able to experience the wonder and beauty of this performing art ?

2 thoughts on “what it takes to follow your passion

  1. for me, passion isn’t something you turn on or off
    it is something you are
    something you flood into the world
    with wild abandon
    without want of recognition
    because in being passionate
    you recognize yourself
    i wear mine
    like my own skin

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